Why Practice Playfulness?

It’s good for our health, our work, connection, and our communities. And why not? We’re all about encouraging more play and playfulness in all of our lives.

We scoured the internet, read books, and talked with experts. All to understand why more doesn’t exist on the importance of play and playfulness for adults. There is a ton out there on kids but not so much on adults. Why is that? 

Papers and books years ago included eye popping ideas. Many of these resources are now buried deep online. The world-renowned experts perhaps passed or found their work to become too esoteric.

Along the way we unearthed and are now curating some nifty content. Much of it smart, actionable, entertaining, inspiring and worth sharing.

Practice Playfulness will incorporate different mental models to explore and learn about play and playfulness. We are lay people. We don’t work in academia but we do care about science and will shed light on the academic research. Bring it down to earth. Yet keep it easy, breezy, and approachable. Contemporary ideas will also pop up. We won’t clutter our content (or your inbox). That’s not very playful. We hope you’ll join us and play along.

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