Find The Mirth

There was a time, long ago, when we knew all about Christmas. We were small; we held it right in our hearts.  We have to work at it to find Christmas now, but it’s worth looking for. Essayist Murr Brewster The holidays can be challenging for some. It may take slowing down, focus, and practiceContinue reading “Find The Mirth”

How to Add More Play to Your Grown-Up Life, Even Now

Play can feel silly, unproductive and time consuming. And that’s precisely the point. Kristin Wong, Freelance Writer, NYTs, Smarter Living Don’t let this article on Adults & Play slip by. If you read **ANYTHING** this month on adults & play make sure it includes Kristin Wong’s New York Times article – “How to Add MoreContinue reading “How to Add More Play to Your Grown-Up Life, Even Now”

Nostalgia…Remember all that fun you had as a kid?

Nostalgia is a surprisingly sturdy launch point into the future. Not only does it ground us mentally and physically when the landscape shifts or founders, it focuses us, with sensory immediacy, on what we most value – and, by extension, on what we want to reflect to the world. That’s where its transformative power lies.Continue reading “Nostalgia…Remember all that fun you had as a kid?”