Spend More Time Thinking Like A Playful Kid

We need to spend more time and effort as adults trying to think like kids. Erza Klein paraphrasing Alison Gopnik What do an Octopus, Kids, Adults, Play, and artificial intelligence have in common? Carve out time for “Why Adults Lose the ‘Beginner’s Mind’” and learn the answers. Trust us, it’s all about play. Crank upContinue reading “Spend More Time Thinking Like A Playful Kid”

Cheers to Silly Seniors. More than just geriatric badasses.

Every day the world gets more serious, so fun is the most powerful thing in the world right now. Ian Brackenbury Channell, The Wizard of Christchurch Silly seniors? It’s the only way to go (Read 2 Minutes) A good laugh, a playful prank and other such ‘silly’ behavior once in a while doesn’t just liftContinue reading “Cheers to Silly Seniors. More than just geriatric badasses.”

Playfulness, the basis of humor

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. Woody Allen The unbeatable lightness of being (Read 4 minutes) Laughter is a holy thing. It is as sacred as music and silence and solemnity, maybe more sacred. Laughter is like a prayer, like a bridge over which creatures tiptoe to meet each other.Continue reading “Playfulness, the basis of humor”