Let’s go out and PLAY!

No one ever said on their deathbed ‘I wish I’d spent more time at the office.’ — Rabi Harold Kushner Americans are terrible at taking vacation days and each year we get worse and worse at taking time off – really. Time off is key to recharging your batteries, critical to maintaining a fresh perspectiveContinue reading “Let’s go out and PLAY!”

Walking and Play. They go hand in hand.

Play is a crucial component of how we learn to walk. PSYCHE Newsletter What Are the Benefits of Walking? (Read: 3 minutes) An Oscar-nominated animation that celebrates walking with humans (read 3 minute or watch: 5 minutes) Why Walking Helps Us Think (read: 5 minutes) Here at Practice Playfulness we’re kind of serious about ourContinue reading “Walking and Play. They go hand in hand.”

Dare we Dance …. and be Playful!

You can’t dance and be sad. You can listen to music and cry, you can read and cry, you can draw and cry but you cańt dance and cry. The body wont let you. Esther Perel Muscular Bonding: The Power of Dance and Drill reading time 7 minutes…. The Importance of Dancing Like an IdiotContinue reading “Dare we Dance …. and be Playful!”