The Opposites Game

Furious/curious They rhyme, but they have opposite meanings. It’s very difficult to feel both emotions at the same time, and one is far more productive than the other. Seth Godin At Practice Playfulness, for the most part, we are not fans of ‘should.’ You should, he should, they should, we all should. We also tryContinue reading “The Opposites Game”

How Do You Play The Game Of Life?

In every loss there is a lesson. In every loss there is an upside and an opportunity to respond in a more constructive way. Sam Weinman We never starkly fail at life itself. When we mess up in worldly areas and feel dejected and isolated, the universe is just giving us an exceptional chance toContinue reading “How Do You Play The Game Of Life?”

Politics, Ping Pong, and Play

The opposite of winning isn’t losing. It’s failing to see the larger picture. Pico Iyer What ping pong taught me about life (watch: 10 minutes) Ping-Pong Diplomacy. (Read 2 minutes) Ping-pong was invented on the dining tables of England in the 19th century, and it was called Wiff-waff! And there, I think, you have theContinue reading “Politics, Ping Pong, and Play”

Leadership and Play

Winning games was important, but how we showed up to play was even more important. Ana Marinovic What Surfing Taught Me About Leadership. It’s given me the tools I need to lead a team in uncertain times. (Read: 4 minutes) The Role Of Play in Leadership Development. (Read: 3 minutes) Whoever wants to understand muchContinue reading “Leadership and Play”

“10 extra years of life…”

There is no problem that doesn’t have some underlying need for more optimism, stamina, resilience and collaboration. And, games are, I believe, the best platform we have for providing that. Jane McGonial All work and no play doesn’t just make Jill and Jack dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to changeContinue reading ““10 extra years of life…””

Games and Play, Life Affirming!

Playfulness – it’s about being human. Liza Penn-Thomas Utmost thanks to Anthony Trahair and the amazing international Presenters, Panelists and Playful Participants at the virtual Giocosamente Festival this weekend. Wonderful to be reminded to actually engage in Practicing Playfulness ourselves! Check it out here! Practice Playfulness Try a little game today! Courtesy of Morning BrewContinue reading “Games and Play, Life Affirming!”

Games People Play

“There are at least two kinds of games. One could be called finite; the other infinite. A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.” James P. Carse Video Games Are a Great Way to Pass the Time and Keep You Connected. Here’s How toContinue reading “Games People Play”

Playing At A Distance

It’s not particularly silly, is it. I mean the right leg isn’t silly at all, and the left leg merely does a forward aerial half-turn every alternate step. Minister of Silly Walks Toronto woman establishes “silly walks” zone (watch: 2:30 minutes) 15 yard games to enjoy outside while social distancing (read: 1 minute) Husband KeepsContinue reading “Playing At A Distance”