The Sacred Activity of Free Play

Holiness and play always tend to overlap. So do poetic imagination and faith. Johan Huizinga There is much to learn on the value of play and playfulness for adults. In his formative work “Homo Ludens A Study of the Play-Element in Culture” Johan Huizinga explored ancient culture, mythology, ritual, contests, and humor around the theContinue reading “The Sacred Activity of Free Play”

Dare we Dance …. and be Playful!

You can’t dance and be sad. You can listen to music and cry, you can read and cry, you can draw and cry but you cańt dance and cry. The body wont let you. Esther Perel Muscular Bonding: The Power of Dance and Drill reading time 7 minutes…. The Importance of Dancing Like an IdiotContinue reading “Dare we Dance …. and be Playful!”