Creativity & Play Through the Eyes of Adults with Autism

Play should be a place that anyone can occupy and where all are welcome, without barriers, boundaries or limitations. It should be an endless place to be and to fundamentally enjoy being. University of Sheffield Several months ago we took a wonderful online course through FutureLearn on the Importance of Play In Everyday Life. OneContinue reading “Creativity & Play Through the Eyes of Adults with Autism”

Recluse? Loner? Hermit? Solo Play. It’s O.K.

I need solitude, which is to say, recovery, return to my self, the breath of a free, light, playful air. Friedrich Nietzsche Why being a loner may be good for your health (Read 6 minutes) Benefits of Playing Golf Alone. (Read: 5 minutes) Making the Most of Alone Time (Read 6 minutes) The Difference BetweenContinue reading “Recluse? Loner? Hermit? Solo Play. It’s O.K.”

Dare we Dance …. and be Playful!

You can’t dance and be sad. You can listen to music and cry, you can read and cry, you can draw and cry but you cańt dance and cry. The body wont let you. Esther Perel Muscular Bonding: The Power of Dance and Drill reading time 7 minutes…. The Importance of Dancing Like an IdiotContinue reading “Dare we Dance …. and be Playful!”

Is playfulness the creative tool we’re not making the most of?

Playfulness, at its purest, is a form of imaginative exploration focused on enhancing how we experience life – our culture, our environments, our relationships, our well being — in ways that are as surprising as they are joyful or rewarding. Karl Toomey What are you doing when you get your best ideas? Focus on theContinue reading “Is playfulness the creative tool we’re not making the most of?”