Play & Playfulness in Adulthood

We are conducting a survey of peoples’ perceptions of play and playfulness and the role of these concepts in adults’ lives.

Participation in the survey takes about an hour and will greatly advance our understanding of adult play as a coping mechanism to improve psychological well-being across different domains of one’s life. This knowledge is especially important in these trying times.

Participation is voluntary and involves answering a few open-ended questions as well as some questionnaires on play, personality, coping, and quality of life. Most participants find the survey fun and engaging.

We would be very grateful if you would be willing to participate.

Please access the survey here: Play Survey 9-6-20.

To learn more or obtain a different link drop us an email:

This research has FIU IRB approval. Please note that the consent form is worded for FIU students recruited through the Department of Psychology. 

We greatly appreciate your help.

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