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“We all want to find some meaningful truth about who we are, … but we can only find it guided by our own wisdom – by our own rebel buddha within.”

Ponlos Rinpoche
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The Manly Art of Playfulness

Outside of a Dog, a Book is Man’s Best Friend. Inside of a Dog, It’s Too Dark to Read.

Groucho Marx? Jim Brewer ? Mary Stuart? Anonymous?

Photo Credit: The Dull Men’s Club

The Dull Men’s Club: where being extraordinarily ordinary is celebrated. (Watch: 15 minutes)

Credit: Dude Dad

The Hairy, Potbellied Mermen Taking the Canadian Coast. (Read: 6 minutes)

Credit: Newfoundland & Labrador Beard & Moustache Club, MerB’ys CBC doc directed by Jamie Miller.


In honor of Labor Day we are


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Suggest you do the same :-)!

Politics, Ping Pong, and Play

The opposite of winning isn’t losing. It’s failing to see the larger picture.

Pico Iyer
Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay

What ping pong taught me about life (watch: 10 minutes)

Ping-Pong Diplomacy. (Read 2 minutes)

Ping-pong was invented on the dining tables of England in the 19th century, and it was called Wiff-waff! And there, I think, you have the difference between us and the rest of the world. Other nations, the French, looked at a dining table and saw an opportunity to have dinner; we looked at it an saw an opportunity to play Wiff-waff.

Boris Johnson

Are Humor & Silliness Lifelines For Sanity?

To truly laugh you must be able to take your pain and laugh with it.

Charlie Chaplain

Viktor Frankl on Humor as a Lifeline to Sanity and Survival, Maria Popova, (Read 3 Minutes)

Credit: Diane Alkier, Unsplash

Why It’s Sensible To Be Silly. (Read 7 Minutes)


“Being” Playful

I think it’s something – play – play is something to really think about, you know, because I say that to myself…..

Meredith Monk OnBeing Listen/Read full interview HERE.
Credit: Meredith Monk

“I think that sense of playfulness is the sense of being alive; that’s another aspect of being awake and the fluidity. It’s really about fluidity, about being so in the moment that you are in pinpoint focus, but at the same time, you’re completely open to what the moment has to give you or to tell you. And I think that has to do with the playfulness and people can feel that.”

Meredith Monk OnBeing Listen/Read full interview HERE.
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Our Time

This is our time,
this is our work, the elders say.
Stop the blame, the wringing wrenching
fear that hopes
for nothing

What awaits our yes
amidst this great unknown
is stepping back stepping up
to sacrifice
unexamined rhythms
to find new sanctuary,
gatherings only of intention
to deliver in new form
kindnesses at hand–
necessaries to neighbors
conversations across thresholds
anything you need meaning

don’t be scared.
Walking hand in virtual hand
a brilliant bluebird lights up
the canvas of grey days,
calls far and wide speak of life
unfolding as cherry blossoms
or cloaking as heavy snow
freshly made cookies wrapped
in polka dotted love
wait on doorsteps
to delight.

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How to Add More Play to Your Grown-Up Life, Even Now

Play can feel silly, unproductive and time consuming. And that’s precisely the point.

Kristin Wong, Freelance Writer, NYTs, Smarter Living

Don’t let this article on Adults & Play slip by.

If you read **ANYTHING** this month on adults & play make sure it includes Kristin Wong’s New York Times article – “How to Add More Play to Your Grown-Up Life, Even Now.” Trouble accessing? Drop Lulu Clay an email. She can help you out.

Why “Practice”?


a: Carry out – apply

b: To do or perform often, customarily, or habitually

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Image by Hire Me. Link in About Me from Pixabay 

The Importance of Practice by Jennifer Long at Harvard Business Publishing (Read 4 min).









just how many times do you “see” PRActice above?
Credit @PracticePlayfulness

An every day ritual most of us can practice. Walk this way…. credit: The Guardian. (Read 3 min)

Practice makes perfect.

Old English Proverb

And, Why Practice Playfulness? It’s good for our health, our work, connection, and our communities. And why not? We’re all about encouraging more play and playfulness in all of our lives. (Read: 2 minutes)

National Relaxation Day.

Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.

Maya Angelou

National Relaxation Day. Saturday August 15. Chill. Take a Break.

15 Scientific Ways to Relax for National Relaxation Day (Read: 3 minutes)

National Relaxation Day ~ History Activities and More

Play for Wellness – Really?

PLAY is an effective, low-cost, low-impact option for improving the health and wellbeing of the international community.

PLAY IN HEALTHCARE FOR ADULTS edited by Alison Tonkin and Julia Whitaker
Image by Amit Kumar from Pixabay

Why ‘Playing’ and Not ‘Working’ Through Adversity Can Nurture Mental Well-Being by Paula Toledo @ ThriveGlobal © Ode to Wonder. (Read: 6 minutes)

Credit: PracticePlayfulness thanks to MMC, Big and Little Willie

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