Playfully Practice

“…..And allowing no answers, and just saying, you just have to observe it and be in wonder the whole time.”

Amy Tan – Unintended Memoir

As Seth Godin shares: “Creativity is the generous act of solving an interesting problem on behalf of someone else. It’s a chance to take emotional and intellectual risks with generosity.

He also suggests, “Do that often enough and you can create a practice around it. It’s not about being gifted or touched by the muse. Instead, our creative practice (whether you’re a painter, a coach or a fundraiser) is a commitment to the problems in front of us and the people who will benefit from a useful solution to them.”

The Practice Playfulness Blog is just one commitment to ourselves to “Practice Playfulness” and to share our moments of awe and wonder around play in hope we inspire others to also Practice Playfulness!

Being “creative” does not always arrive when we most want it, or need it; however, our little habit to practice our own form of diligence, determination and discipline enables us to eventually share a sliver of an insight into Practicing Playfulness.

To paraphrase Julia Cameron’s work in “The Artist’s Way” there’s something to …doing the work, filling in the blanks on the page, and embracing the process.  And, part of our process is practicing.  Practicing Playfulness. 

Yes, it’s a little like riding a bike with training wheels.

Image by Frantisek Krejci from Pixabay

Start (practice) with training wheels and repetition to gain confidence and experience. Then a time when the freedom to peddle with abandon will arrive. The training wheels come off. Thanks in part, to practice.

Published by practiceplayfulness

Life without play and a playful outlook is life without living. PLAYFULNESS is critical for adults and takes practice.

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