Make 2021 YOUR Year of Playfulness!

You’ll never get bored when you try something new,

There’s no limit to what you can do.

– Dr. Seuss

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2020 is a year to remember.  Truly.  Given difficult times, fear and  unknowns it has still been full of meaningful moments to reflect upon.

This next year holds the promise of a new and better year. While many of us made mini goals at the beginning of the COVID outbreak (way back in March, 2020), we collectively start fresh as we head into 2021 and begin a new decade.

Let’s start by agreeing NOT to be “RESOLUTE” in our resolutions! Sheer determination is not the best approach to successful goal setting or habit change.

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Incorporate Playfulness into your life, or increase your Playfulness Quotient by adding micro moments of playfulness.

BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits author, has one approach to instilling daily habits; Leo Babauta, author of and The Habit Guide is another outstanding resource. Pick an approach that works for you.

Make 2021 YOUR Year of Playfulness. Put playfulness into action right now!  It’s easier than you might think. Take a moment to focus with intention and if you can… touch your nose to your tongue… or blink your eyes back and forth as fast as possible.  Fun, right? And, quick and playful.  You’ve begun 2021 with Playfulness!

Here we go… you’re ready for some change in 2021, right? Playfulness has positive benefits for wellbeing and is typically fun! Remember touching your nose to your tongue just 3 seconds ago? Try it every morning with a prompt up to remind yourself (a smiley face to your bathroom mirror).

You’re all set with BJ Fogg’s formula: B=MAP (Behavior = Motivation + Ability + Prompt) to have a more playful year in 2021! Start tiny, stay tiny and have self compassion…

Whatever you do New Year’s Eve, take advantage of “the fresh start effect” with daily micro moments of play and join us in Proclaiming 2021 the Year of Playfulness!

PS: As Daniel Pink author of When explains in his PodCast The Pinkcast and article, “The 86 Best Days of the Year to get a fresh start,” if January 1st is not YOUR favorite day to start something new, even if tiny, there are 85 other “Best” days to do so each year. Pick the best for you to be PLAYFUL in 2021!

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Life without play and a playful outlook is life without living. PLAYFULNESS is critical for adults and takes practice.

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