Thanksgiving. Anticipate, Experience, Remember Play

Research in behavioral science suggests that the actual in-person experience is only one of three legs of the overall experience. The second is anticipation — things that happen before the experience. The many days that you spend planning a trip … and the pleasure it brings you creates the anticipation……. The third is remembrance — the joy that you get in sharing … or simply reliving your own experience.

The Toronto Star by Dilip Soman and Grace Minwen Lou

In the U.S. we typically celebrate Thanksgiving with family, friends, turkey, dressing, and cranberries… so the story goes. This year is different with social distancing. One for the record books, we hope. 

Image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay 

With time off, turn your mind toward the future – in anticipation.  Think about, place hope in and dream of life post covid, post elections, post social distancing.

Remembrances of past experiences have proven to be playfully positive.  Sit back and reflect on Thanksgivings packed with fun and play – or at least a belly full of leftovers!

As you reflect, remember gratitude is an important piece of the pie for well-being and a playful attitude.  So, grab a bit of gratefulness as you sit down to celebrate Turkey day creating current experiences into a future of fond memories. 

Thanksgiving is about being Thankful – Anticipate, Experience, Remember and PLAY.

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Life without play and a playful outlook is life without living. PLAYFULNESS is critical for adults and takes practice.

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